• ca ca o

    We wish everyone could enjoy chocolate excellent in quality in the daily life.
    We wish to connect the producers and consumers by providing chocolate, full of the producer’s thoughts and feelings.
    “We want to make the Japanese lifestyle more abundant with chocolate”.
    “We want to send the producer’s feelings to the consumers.”
    “ca ca o” was born from these feelings.

    There is a food culture as “Ikayaki” in Japan from the past.
    We wish to create a new food culture while respecting it from the past.
    IKAYAKI STAND provides a new “treat IKAYAKI”, which contains the
    “casualness of the fast food” and the “deliciousness of local foods”.
    We will make community stands where people gather around.


    Fresh sweets make your smile.
    The number of smiles are the value of our work.
    We carefully select fresh ingredients from Japan, walking around many places.
    It’s our motto to send the producer’s feelings to everyone who tastes our sweets.
    Small kitchen and store were made as we could hand it to you immediately in the fresh state.
    “Simple” “Fresh” “Smile”
    Birth of a new local sweets store in Chigasaki.

  • Meat MOMO

    Since 1984, we have continued to have an obsession for “handmade” and “local fresh ingredients”.
    We provide simple dishes that can be eaten every day.
    Please enjoy the good, fresh meat and wine which keep being loved since the opening of the store, with your important person.